Online gambling is among the most popular activities that many people around the world engage in to kill time and have fun. Online casino games can also be a source of income, especially for people who are good at playing games that mainly depend on one’s skill level and not just luck.

However, with so many scams on the internet, the million-dollar question that many people have is whether online casinos are trustworthy. There is no one-size-fits-all answer for this question because it all depends on the online casino website you choose. In today’s article, we will share everything you need to assess to determine a legit online casino. Make sure you read till the end.


What do You need To Assess To Determine if a Casino is Trustworthy?

#1. Customer Support

All the trustworthy online casino websites invest in customer support because a lot of users rely on the guidance of support teams to make various choices while using an online casino. For instance, if a new user is unsure of which games to get started with, they can contact the online casino’s support team for guidance.

While assessing the quality of customer support, the two main things you need to consider are response time and the reliability of the solutions they give you. Any trustworthy casino responds and solves customer queries within a few minutes, especially if the issues don’t require the technical team to intervene. It is not worth it to trust an online casino that takes hours or even days to respond to and solve customer queries.


#2. Games Available

Playing games is the main purpose of going to an online casino. So, while looking for an online casino to trust, you need to assess the quality and quantity of online casino games available on the website. Most of the top-rated online casinos have thousands of games to choose from, especially if slots are included in their games’ list.

These online casinos also give users the option of playing demo games before making any deposit. So, you can try out a couple of games for free to determine if they are well-built and bug-free. The experience you will get with these demo versions will likely be the same as what the actual games have to offer. 


#3. Game Providers

The build quality of games mainly depends on the developers that created them. In the casino world, we refer to these developers are game providers. Before you trust any online casino, you need to take time and check the game providers they partner with. Your aim is to look for some of the most popular game providers in the various game categories.

For any online casino in Asia, some of the names you need to look out for include; Microgaming, Playtech, Asia Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Spade Gaming, Pragmatic Play, 918Kiss, Mega888, and Asia Gaming. Of course, there are several other trustworthy game providers, but at least one or two of these names should be on the list of providers.


#4. License Status

Never put your confidence in an online casino that doesn’t have a genuine licence from a well-known online gambling authority. Most of the time, online casinos will list all the licenses they have at the footer of their homepage. You need to ensure the list of these licenses includes some popular names. You may also take an extra step to verify whether the casino actually possesses a given license by asking their support team for the license number.

The role of online casino regulators is to ensure that the games and any other service that the online casino offers is fair to the players. So, they test all the games to ensure the algorithms are not designed to cheat players. Some of the prominent regulators for Asian-based online casinos include; PAGCOR, BMM, iTech Labs, and many more.


#5. Payment Options Available

One of the easiest ways to determine if an online casino is worth trusting is by assessing the payment methods they offer. Most of the scams do not use mainstream online wallets and banks because they know these platforms do not work with scams. If you visit an online casino that doesn’t include most of the prominent e-wallet sites and banks available in your country, think twice before you trust it with your hard-earned cash.

Some of the popular e-wallets in Asia include; Help2Pay and EeziePay. These collaborate with most of the mainstream banks to process user payments. You should also assess the difficulty of withdrawing payouts if you win a bet. You can do this by betting a small amount of money on a couple of games with higher chances of winning. Any trustworthy online casino needs to make it seamless for players to withdraw payouts.


#6. Check The Casinos’ Online Reviews

You also need to take time and check out the reviews about a given casino on platforms like Google and Facebook. There are also several other websites that were built specifically for reviewing online services, which may include online casinos as well. Online casino reviews will help you know the experience of previous users of a given online casino platform.

However, you need to be aware of fake reviews because there are several online casinos that buy reviews. That is why it is essential to check out two or three review platforms before concluding. If an online casino is reliable, you will consistently see many previous users recommending it.

Yes, there might be some who didn’t get the best experience for a couple of reasons. However, if an online casino has over 90% positive reviews, that is good enough to earn your trust.


Final Thoughts

There are several online casinos on the internet that are trustworthy, but you will have to do some homework to find them. Take time to assess each factor we have shared to ensure that you choose an online casino that ticks most of the boxes. This may take you a few minutes, but it will save you a lot of time and money that you might have wasted on a scam casino website.

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