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The Trusted List of Online Casino Vietnam 2024

Vietnam is Asia’s most populous nation and Southeast Asia’s most densely inhabited country. Its culture is heavily influenced by the Khmer and Champa peoples, as well as China. As a result of French control, you may also detect a French influence that led to Catholicism later in the nation.

For a long time, the local wager on small dice games, but gambling has been banned. The only kind of gambling that is legal is the lottery. In an effort to curtail the illegal gambling industry, the government decided to make it legal in 2018. As a result, the government has made an effort to regulate this activity in recent years and has even begun to welcome large land-based casino brands to set up shop.

Online Gambling in Vietnam


Consider the size of the Vietnamese gaming market, and you’ll be shocked to learn how much the population enjoys playing online casino games. This is plain to see based on the amount of money it generates for the government. VND 2.5 trillion (USD 107.4 million) was Vietnam’s Ministry of Finance’s estimate of the country’s casino earnings in 2019, which was a 60% increase over the previous year. It’s clear how many individuals are addicted to playing online games.

Vietnam has a Rich History of Gaming

The Vietnamese have always had a strong affinity for video games in some shape or another. Travellers’ tales reveal that it has been both lawful and criminal. As a result of the country’s conservative culture, casinos have been labelled unlawful in the past. The lottery, on the other hand, has always been given the most lenient treatment.

What about Placing a Wager on a Sporting Event?

The government has also loosened its attitude on sports betting in a similar manner. The decision to legalise land-based casinos by the Vietnamese government in the 1940s was a watershed moment in the country’s history.

While the government has been sluggish to legalise other types of gambling, this isn’t the first time. The goal was to put an end to illegally obtained copies of the games. Local casinos were booming at the time and continue to do so now.

Gambling Casinos are Permitted in Vietnam?


In basic words, internet casinos are illegal in Vietnam. It will be a long time before casinos in Vietnam benefit from the government’s decision to legalise gaming. You may, however, play at licenced casinos in other countries.

Slots, sports, and esports are all popular pastimes among the younger generation of gamers at this establishment. Online casinos that take Vietnamese Dong (VND) must be sought out by players. According to the Penal Code, an offence punishable by up to 50 million dongs in fines or a jail sentence ranging from 3 to 36 months may be punishable by a non-custodial rehabilitation of up to three years.

The Future is in Focus

There has been a lot of talks recently about the government clamping down on illicit gaming operations. Despite their best efforts, they are very wary of illicit gaming organisations and any activity that goes unchecked.

Payment Methods in Vietnam Casinos

Many gamers place a high value on a site’s deposit options, which should allow for quick, simple, and secure transactions. The many online casinos and sportsbooks in Vietnam accept a broad range of deposit and withdrawal methods. To that end, we have compiled a detailed reference to the most reliable payment options for Vietnam online gambling to assist you in making an informed decision.

The Use of Debit and Credit Cards

Especially in the United States and Europe, this is the preferred mode of payment. The most significant benefit of utilising credit and/or debit cards is the ease with which they may be used. Why? Because nowadays, anybody may apply for a credit or debit card and use it in Vietnam and elsewhere.

But their biggest drawback is that more and more financial institutions are refusing to process payments for internet gambling. As each issuing bank has its own internal policy regarding online gambling transactions, this procedure is entirely at the issuing bank’s discretion. Since its widespread use as a means of payment by online casinos, credit card companies have been hit with strict rules. In addition, Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro are often accepted at online casinos and sportsbooks in Vietnam.


The use of electronic wallets is on the rise in Vietnam. Due to their convenience, they are also likely to become the dominant form of online casino funding (less than 24 hours).

On the other hand, most electronic wallets include transaction fees, which is a major drawback. It is important to note that these costs are often small and are mitigated by reward programmes that e-wallet providers provide.


A trusted service that offers electronic wallets. For usage with this prepaid card, players will need vouchers with a special 16-digit PIN code. Recent takeover by Skrill of this company (formerly known as Moneybookers).



Skrill is a well-liked alternative to PayPal that is controlled by UK law and subject to its regulations. If you participate in gambling at an online casino, you will be able to fund your account and use it to conduct financial transactions such as deposits and withdrawals. It may be purchased in almost every nation.



As with Skrill, Neteller is an e-wallet that was once the industry standard for online gambling payments but has since fallen out of favour as more and more alternatives have emerged.

But it’s still a common practice that has wide acceptance. Just as with PayPal, you may deposit funds and promptly withdraw them to your bank account or to your Net+ card.


This is another safe electronic wallet, which is gaining in popularity. Players in Vietnam may manage all of their online casino finances in one place with ecoAccount.


The online gambling industry in the UK and Europe relies heavily on the Payeer prepaid card since it is the industry standard. Because of its superior security (in comparison to paying directly with your credit/debit card) and low costs, it is accepted by almost every online casino.

Wire Transfers from Your Bank

Wire transfers are a popular and widely accepted payment option at most online gambling sites and bookmakers in Vietnam. Online casinos trust them as a safe payment option because of their stringent criteria.

However, due to the lengthy nature of KYC processes, this kind of payment takes around seven days to complete. There’s also the issue of wire transfer fees, which may change from bank to bank and from transaction to transaction.

This is why it is more common in nations where other, more convenient, online payment options in Vietnam are not as readily accessible.

Instant Bank Transfers

When compared to regular bank wire transfers, the delays associated with this method are minimal.


In Europe, Trustly has become one of the most popular fast bank transfer platforms for iGaming businesses and online sportsbooks. You may avoid disclosing sensitive financial information (such as credit card numbers) to your iGaming operator by using Trustly as the “middleman” to move money from your bank account to your chosen online casino or sportsbook.

This ensures that your financial dealings can’t be tampered with in any way, making you completely protected. To withdraw funds, you’ll need to use a different withdrawal method than the quick bank transfer providers that are normally accessible for making deposits. Yet, this is counterbalanced by the time-sensitive discounts that these services often provide their customers.


iDEAL is another widely utilised rapid bank transfer service, especially in the Nordic countries. More than 54% of all online transactions processed in the Netherlands were processed using iDEAL in 2014. The transaction fees associated with iDEAL are nothing, and the service provides unparalleled adaptability.


Giropay is a user-friendly and risk-free payment option that may be used in place of iDEAL to fill your account at an online casino. As with iDEAL, ease of use is the primary benefit of this online payment option. Over 80% of German banks participate in Giropay, making it the preferred way of payment there.


There has been a recent uptick in the number of online gambling sites that accept cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals in Vietnam. This is primarily due to the reassurance of privacy and protection offered by Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin payments may be processed quickly, however, the actual time frame will depend on your wallet and the online casino you choose to use.

Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash are just a few alternatives to Bitcoin that are gaining popularity. Due to their low transaction fees and quick processing times, they provide attractive payment methods for online gaming. There are some significant benefits that will improve your gaming experience in Vietnam regardless of the cryptocurrency you choose.

Hot Games in Online Casino Vietnam

Top online casinos in Vietnam provide Vietnamese players with a wide selection of the best casino games available. Players may choose from a wide variety of slot machines, table games, and even live card games, so they’ll always have a good time at the casino.

Slot Machine

You may play everything from traditional three-reel slots to cutting-edge, visually stunning video slots with exciting new themes. The progressive jackpot adds the possibility of winning astronomical sums of money to the mix.

Betting Table Games

Select your favourite casino table game, from roulette and craps to blackjack, poker, and baccarat. On the internet, you may try your hand at a wide selection of various games, some of which are available nowhere else.

Video Poker

To get the greatest possible hand in a hybrid of poker and slot machines, use a computer. The high payout ratio is a major selling point for this game.

Other Games

Pai Gow and Keno, two games that have seen massive success among Vietnamese players, are among the many games offered at the best online casinos. Lottery, bingo, scratch cards, and other games are also available.

Sports Betting

You may wager on international athletic events, such as the Australian rules football so beloved in Vietnam. Online sports betting companies provide a wide variety of wagering options at competitive odds and a plethora of betting markets.

Bonuses and Promotions in Vietnam Casinos

When starting out at a new online casino, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the generous welcome bonuses and other incentives offered to new players. We’ve compiled a list of potential promotions that you may discover at a fresh online casino.

Free Spins Bonus

Welcome packages at online casinos sometimes contain a number of free spins. In point of fact, this is how the great majority of casinos and other gambling enterprises operate in Vietnam. These are usually tied to a certain slot machine and come with varying numbers of no-cost spins. Furthermore, wagering restrictions for these bonuses might vary.

Deposit Matches Bonus

In addition to sign-up incentives, matched deposit bonuses are often offered to new users. The name of this promotion should give you a good idea of what it entails: a promise from the casino to double, triple, or even quadruple a new player’s first deposit. To put it simply, this implies that new players to an online casino may get started with twice as much money as they originally deposited.

Risk-Free Bonus

A risk-free bonus is one that simply returns a player’s lost wagers back into their account, up to a specific cap. The player assumes no risk by accepting this offer; nonetheless, any money won is theirs to keep. There are still some online casinos offering these kinds of bonuses, but they are far rarer than they once were.

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonuses are exactly what they sound like: incentives that don’t need you to make a deposit. When a player registers up for a new casino site, the bonus money is automatically sent into their account. However, in order to withdraw any winnings, you will need to fulfil a number of wagering requirements first. Again, you don’t see them nearly as often as you used to.

FAQs About Online Casinos in Vietnam

Is it possible to win real money in casinos in Vietnam?

Yes. On the Vietnam casino website, you may play for fun or for real money. At overseas gambling websites, Vietnamese gamers may play for free or for money.

In Vietnam, are online casinos safe?

Only a few of casinos are now operating without the oversight of a reputable licencing agency. As a result, local Vietnamese players are experimenting with online casinos licenced by offshore or overseas casinos.

Is there a Vietnamese casino that accepts VND?

From Vietnam-friendly casinos, you may use Vietnamese Dong (VND) as a form of payment. However, many casinos have currency restrictions, so you may need to convert your currency to USD or GBP in order to utilise it. You’ll have to select your casino wisely.

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