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Since 2005, the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority has been in charge of overseeing internet gambling in Europe. Licensees or members of the regulatory body contribute to the organization’s budget. All of Gibraltar’s gambling establishments that have a licence from the Association are included among the group’s members. Gibraltar, a British Crown Dependency, is a self-governing nation. It is a member of the European Union that is actively involved. In the nation, there is a licencing agency for its citizens alone. Gibraltar Licensing Authority is the name given to the agency.

Financial Services Commission of Gibraltar

Regular updates are made to these records. Unless a name appears on one of the registers, it is safe to assume that a company is not permitted to provide financial services in or from Gibraltar. Gaming in Gibraltar is regulated by the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA), established by the Gambling Commissioner in 2005, has been selling gambling licences since 1998. The area immediately became well-known as a place to locate online gaming businesses.

Gibraltar’s Regulatory Authority’s Top Priorities (GRA)

GBGA was established to serve as a uniting force for the industry’s most important players. The stakeholders include local and international governments, significant gambling companies, and organisations that influence industry policy. The Gibraltar Gaming Association is able to highlight the value of online gaming in Gibraltar once all stakeholders are on the same page. The Association’s primary responsibilities and goals include:

  • To ensure that licenced gaming companies in the European Union may compete on an equal footing.
  • Ensure that the gaming platforms satisfy the tastes and choices of the players.
  • As a result of the organisation, all of the challenges affecting the online gaming industry are brought together under one roof. Legislative and market-wide regulation are two possible topics on this list. The members, in turn, are expected to demonstrate their commitment to ensuring that the gaming industry adheres to high ethical standards and responsible conduct.
  • To keep the participants safe from any kind of illicit activity, including money laundering.
  • In order to provide the player with any information that may be requested or essential for their own safety.

Operators and participants in the global market are held to the highest standards.

GGA envisions an ecosystem in which all operators collaborate with their governments and other jurisdictions throughout the European Union. To guarantee that the gameplay is fair and consistent, multinational gaming platforms follow the same guidelines. They believe they may do this by establishing rigorous and stringent rules for all parties in order to guarantee the safety of the customer.

To this end, the Association advocates for global cooperation among authorities. The GBGA’s goal is to promote the dissemination of information in the online gaming industry in order to curtail fraud and money laundering, as well as the support of terrorist operations and the participation of minors in gambling that is against the law.

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