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Nova88 separates from the crowd of online sportsbooks because it prioritises its customers’ safety and security. For a number of reasons, this page is considered by professionals to be Asia’s top online sportsbook and gaming hub. Numerous betting markets, consistent bonuses, and helpful staff are just a few. Here, you’ll find information about the top betting games offered by Nova88.


Intro to Nova88

This online casino has been around since 2008, under the names IBCBET and Maxbet. Nova88 was one of the original online gambling sites, and it soon gained a large user base and established itself as a frontrunner in the industry. Nova88 Sports Betting had the finest betting odds and a wide variety of betting limits, which helped the site maintain a steady stream of new customers.


Games Available in Nova88

Nova88 offers a wide variety of betting options, so there’s sure to be something for every gamer. Players at an online casino may enjoy a wide variety of blackjack, pokies, wheel games, and even live roulette, despite the fact that online sports betting is by far the most popular. For those in Asia, there are even several regionally-specific games to try your hand at.


Top 5 Games in Nova88

#1. Football

Football is a popular sport all around the globe, with fans and bettors both enamoured with the game. Because of its complex strategic nature, Nova88 football betting features some of the industry’s most intriguing markets. You may also get excellent odds on many other events, in addition to a plethora of offers.

#2. UFC Betting

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a widely followed sporting event, making UFC Bets available at Nova88. Moneylines, methods of victory, and over/under will be the most popular wagers. These bets, and more, will be available at top sportsbooks for many games.

#3. NBA Betting

The NBA is the best place to place wagers if you want some action. A game of this speed naturally raises our heart rate and makes us feel energised. As a result of the high volume of games played throughout the regular season, there are many possibilities to wager on the NBA. 

#4. Horse Racing

The odds on a horse race are known to be among the best in the industry. Aside from strategy, many people will always consider this the ideal sport for betting since they may feel as if they are standing at the starting line thanks to the abundance of live coverage in Nova88.

#5. Esports

When looking at betting volume, the Esports industry is expanding at a far faster rate than any other sport. Betting on Esports is available at Nova88. The whole sports betting sector is seeing a tremendous increase in players thanks to this trend.


Pros & Cons


  • Support for a Wide Range of Mobile Devices
  • Big possibility for bonuses
  • Extensive Game Collection
  • Excellent Service for Customers


  • A limited selection of available banking options.
  • Almost all deals are only valid in certain Asian countries


Nova88 stands out as a massive sportsbook that just cannot be disregarded. Thanks to these fantastic additions, you may enjoy the pinnacle of gaming convenience without ever leaving your house.

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