Over the last few decades, the popularity of online gambling legal has been on the rise. Many online gambling establishments are always coming up with new and innovative ways to entertain their customers. In response, the number of players continues to be on the same side.  Unlike before, gaming online today is exciting with more bonuses and promotions. From the time of signing up and depositing in an online casino, players get lucrative offers from most online betting platforms in Singapore. More so, mobile gaming makes betting possible from any location and from any device. 

Furthermore, it is safer and more secure to bet from anywhere. Many online gambling sites utilize multiple security measures to keep the personal information and transaction data of every bettor secure. Also, the customer service is more supportive than ever, with many online casinos offering 24/7 support to their patrons. While these qualities characterize online gambling in Singapore, a pertinent question that remains is; Is online gambling legal in Singapore? The legality of betting has several aspects to it, as different rules are attached. Here is an extensive article on everything you need to know about gambling in Singapore and its legitimacy. Let’s begin!


What is Considered Gambling in Singapore?

According to the Remote Gambling Act (RGA), the term “gambling” entails betting, lottery, and gaming. It is extensively considered as staking money or money’s worth on the possible outcome of horse-race or sporting activities. “Gaming” is referred to as any game of chance or a combination of chance and skill in which patrons can gain money or the worth of money, according to the Common Gaming Houses Act (CGHA). 

Some simple games, such as mahjong between friends involving no cash do not fall under the rulings of CGHA. The same Act is used for regulating public lotteries. A lottery is regarded as any game or competition that is accessible to the public and in which money or money’s worth is shared based on chance.


When is Gambling Legal in Singapore?

Under the rulings of CGHA, it is an offence to bet in a “common gaming house.” This refers to any place allocated for gaming, public lottery, or habitual gaming, regardless of whether it is accessible to the public or not. This means that the question of whether the gambling behaviour does not comply with the illegal Act depends on if the gambling venue takes place in a common gaming house or not.


The Rulings Concerning Private Gaming

Although this is no specific definition given to private gambling by CGHA, it is widely seen as betting in a place that is not accessible to the public. This could be one’s personal home. Private betting becomes illegal when the place where the gambling is taking place is specifically for habitual gaming purposes – in other words, it is a “common gaming house.” If an individual is found guilty of gaming in a common gaming house, such an individual is liable for a fine worth $5,000 or getting imprisoned for close to 6 months, or a combination of both punishments. 


The Rulings Concerning Gambling in Public

An individual is considered gambling in public when the space is accessible, including ten or more people being employed. Betting in such a place is illegal and guilty individuals are likely to face a fine worth $5,000 or term imprisonment close to six months or both. Also, the relevant authority may seize and forfeit the gaming instruments.


Placing Bets with Bookmakers

The actions of bookmakers are governed under the Betting Act. According to the Betting Act, any individual who collects and/or negotiates bets or stakes real money or credit in to win money or money’s worth is considered a bookmaker. 

If individual bets or wagers with a private bookmaker by any means or any place, such a person will be viewed as guilty of a betting offence. An offender is liable to a fine worth $5,000 or term imprisonment close to six months or a combination of both. However, betting with exempted bookmakers such as Licensed and safe casinos, Singapore Pools, or Tote Board is not considered illegal.


Betting with Jackpot Machines

Considering that jackpot gambling belongs to the definition of gaming according to CGHA, any individuals who engage in jackpot gambling within a common gaming house will be found guilty. Also, if an individual plays jackpot machines in public, except those located in a club that is allowed to operate a jackpot machine, he or she will be found guilty. 


The Legal Gambling Age in Singapore

Depending on the venue of gambling activity, the least acceptable age to gamble legally in Singapore differs. However, the general age for gambling in Singapore is 18 years of age. For instance, at Singapore Pools, players of 18 years and above are allowed to purchase TOTO tickets, while only individuals above 21 years are allowed to have an account with the same betting company. The Casino Control Act mandates that a player must be at least 21 years old in order to legally wager at casinos. If a juvenile is found guilty of a crime, he or she will be fined $1,000.


Online Gambling under the Remote Gaming Act

Under the rulings of RGA, “online gambling” is also referred to as remote gambling, in which players engage in betting via remote communication. Remote communication includes conversation via the internet, telephone, television or radio, and any other electronic or technology that supports communication. 


The Legality of Online Gambling

According to section 8 of the RGA, any individuals that engage in gambling or utilize remote gambling services via remote communication will be found guilty of a gambling offence. This involves betting as a group or individual, including whether the individual is directly or indirectly involved in the gambling. 


Legal Online Gambling

Gambling activity is considered if an individual performs the action via an exempt operator. The certificate of exemption has always been granted to Singapore Turf Club and Singapore Pools currently by the RGA. Nevertheless, it is expected that many more operators will be granted the certificate in the future. 



All of your questions concerning online gambling and legal gambling should have been answered here. Singapore is expected to continue witnessing a rise in the list of online casinos from the region. Endeavour to check with the legality of betting in your country if you are not from Singapore. Many countries permit online betting, while several others are indifferent to it. 

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