Since it opened in 2007, Marina Bay Sands Casino has been a popular tourist destination in Singapore. Visitors to Marina Bay Sands Casino may not be familiar with the casino’s history. It is a famous tourist attraction in Singapore, yet many people are unaware of the casino’s history and attractions. Some players enjoy the ease of playing at an online casino in Singapore, but there is something special about visiting a local physical casino. So, to give you a better idea of what to expect when you visit Marina Bay Sands Casino, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular casino games.

An Overview of the Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore

A live casino resort in Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands Casino, is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. With more than a decade of experience, the firm has become a local landmark and a worldwide tourist attraction, attracting more than two million people a year.
In 2010, Las Vegas Sands inaugurated Marina Bay Sands Casino Singapore, which was built on the site of the old Asian Civilizations Museum. The majority of this space is occupied by casino Singapore, which is a residential complex. It was designed by Moshe Safdie and constructed by Marina Bay Residences Private Limited, an international collaboration (MBR). More than 400 people have worked in the casino business thus far.

Gambling Rooms at a Casino

The High Stakes Bingo and the VIP Poker Club may both be found inside the confines of the Marina Bay Sands Casino. You can find High Stakes Bingo on the ground level near the escalators of your hotel. Customers with VIP status get access to a private poker room on the third level of the building. High-quality casino gambling is available in both parts, with frequent jackpots.

The MBS Casino Offers a Wide Range of Gaming Options

It’s all about winning money in casino games, which is why participants wager money against each other. If you prefer to play online rather than at a land-based casino, consider some of the top online casinos in Singapore.
To get back on track, most casinos in Singapore offer the following selection of games, which are among the most popular in the country:

  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Sic Bo
  • Slots
  • Video Poker

Benefits of Marina Bay Sands Rewards Membership

MBS’s terms and conditions apply to all of the perks outlined in this guide. So, before insisting on any perks, please examine the terms and conditions of the relevant casino! Marina Bay Sands’ bonus programme might be a little convoluted. Sands Rewards Club, as well as Sands Rewards Lifestyle, are two of the different reward programmes that the company offers. Members of the Sands Rewards Club tend to be high-volume casino goers and players.

Tiers, Rewards, and Requirements for the Sands Rewards Club

Spending money in the casino earns members of the Sands Rewards Club a combination of Sands Points and Sands Dollar. Sands Points will be rewarded to the bettor in proportion to the amount wagered in the casino, except for any applicable levies.
After that, these Points will be transformed into Sands Dollars, a kind of currency that can be redeemed at Marina Bay Sands for free gaming and other products and services.

Sands Rewards Club: How Much Must You Spend?

The Sands Rewards Club has five distinct levels of membership to choose from. The following is a breakdown of how much money must be spent to reach each subsequent level.

Tiers Sands Points required to qualify Sands Dollars which each Sands point can convert for
Sands Premier FREE $1
Sands Gold 68 $1.50
Sands Platinum 388 $1.75
Sands Diamond 1,288 $2
Paiza Gold 3,888 $2.25

It is required that the quantity of Sands Point be collected within a year’s time.
Be aware that as you go through the tiers, you will get a greater number of Sands Dollars in exchange for each Sands Point that you earn. The more money you spend, the greater the number of Sands Dollars you’ll be able to buy with your points.
The pace at which a member accumulates Sands Points and Sands Dollars could be different from that of another member. The pace at which Sands Points and Sands Dollars are accumulated is entirely up to the discretion of Marina Bay Sands and will be established at its sole and absolute whim. This is also the reason why Seedly was unable to determine the precise amount of money that one must spend in order to become a Sands Diamond member.

What Can I Get in Exchange for My Sands Rewards Club Dollars?

What can I redeem? Where? Tier Redemption rate
Free game at Slot and Table games Slot Machines
Membership Kiosks
All $1 Sands Dollar = $1 Free Play
Goods and Services Marina Bay Sands
Food and Beverage Outlets
All $1 Sands Dollar = S$1
Participating Retailers Sands Premier $1.2 Sands Dollar = $1
Sands Gold $1.15 Sands Dollar = $1
Sands Platinum $1.1 Sands Dollar = $1
Sands Diamond
Paiza Gold
$1 Sands Dollar = $1

Please be aware that the minimum required to redeem Free Play for Slots is 5 Sands Dollars, while the minimum required for Table Games is 10 Sands Dollars.

What Are the Advantages of Joining the Sands Rewards Club?

Benefits Of Sands Rewards Club Sands Premier Sands Gold Sands Platinum Sands Diamond Paiza Gold
Gaming Services
Access to Ruby Room By Invite By Invite YES YES YES
Access to exclusive VIP areas in Paiza for members and guests 2 pax
Enjoy complimentary dining at the Paiza buffet, or from Food & Beverage menu YES
Hotel Benefits
Exclusive access to the private Paiza check-in/out facility YES
Special Paiza room rate (inclusive of complimentary breakfast for 2 @ RISE® Restaurant) 1room/day
Special Paiza room rate for friends & family 1 room/day
Receive complimentary high-speed Internet access YES YES YES YES YES
Complimentary room upgrade upon check-in, priority early check-in and late
(Based on availability)
Transportation and Parking
VIP meet and greet service at Airport (International members only) 3 pax
Complimentary Airport transfers by luxury car (International members only) YES
Additional vehicle at VIP preferred rate YES
Self-parking privileges $4 Sands Dollars $4 Sands Dollars Complimentary Complimentary Complimentary
Complimentary valet parking at Marina Bay Sands YES
Exclusive self-parking at Basement Level 4 1 Car 2 Cars
Personalised benefit
Dedicated 24–hour hotline & personalised webpage YES YES YES YES YES
Special offers on birthday month YES YES YES YES YES
Special offers and invitation to events and promotions, VIP presales and
season previews
Resort Wide Benefits
Daily SkyPark Observation Deck, Sampan Rides & Skating Rink passes 10% 10% 20% Complimentary
6 tickets per month
per attraction
8 tickets per month
per attraction
ArtScience Museum tickets privileges 1 for 1 1 for 1 1 for 1 1 for 1 Free 2 tickets every month
Enjoy discounts for selected show tickets at MasterCard Theatres 15% 15% 15% 20% 20%
Enjoy savings on à la carte body massages and spa packages at Banyan Tree Spa 10% 10% 15% 15% 15%
Enjoy discounts and special offers at selected outlets at The Shoppes YES YES YES YES YES


There are a large number of casinos in Singapore, and the vast majority of them brag about providing excellent customer service and fantastic gaming facilities. The Marina Bay Sands Casino is one of the top gambling establishments in the world and can live up to any and all of your expectations.

FAQs about Marina Sands Bay Casino

What is Marina Bay Sands Casino and where is it located?
Marina Bay Sands Casino is a live casino resort located in Singapore. It is a popular destination for both locals and tourists. The casino is situated at Marina Bay Sands, which is a prominent landmark and a renowned tourist attraction in Singapore.

When did Marina Bay Sands Casino open?
Marina Bay Sands Casino opened its doors to the public in 2010. It was inaugurated by Las Vegas Sands and has since become a significant attraction in Singapore.

Who designed and constructed Marina Bay Sands Casino?
Marina Bay Sands Casino was designed by Moshe Safdie and constructed by Marina Bay Residences Private Limited. The construction involved an international collaboration, and over 400 people were employed in the casino business.

What are the gambling rooms available at Marina Bay Sands Casino?
At Marina Bay Sands Casino, there are two main gambling rooms available. The first is the High Stakes Bingo, located on the ground level near the hotel’s escalators. The second is the VIP Poker Club, which can be accessed on the third level of the building. Both sections offer high-quality casino gambling and the chance to win frequent jackpots.

What are the benefits of Marina Bay Sands Rewards membership?
Marina Bay Sands offers various benefits through its rewards membership programs. Members can enjoy exclusive privileges such as access to VIP areas, complimentary dining, special room rates, personalized services, discounts on show tickets and spa packages, and more.

How does the Sands Rewards Club work?
The Sands Rewards Club is a membership program offered by Marina Bay Sands. Members earn Sands Points and Sands Dollars by spending money in the casino. These points can be converted into Sands Dollars, a currency that can be used for free gaming and redeeming goods and services within Marina Bay Sands.

How much money do I need to spend to reach different tiers of the Sands Rewards Club?
The Sands Rewards Club has five distinct membership tiers, each requiring a specific number of Sands Points to qualify. The tiers and corresponding Sands Points required are as follows:

  • Sands Premier: FREE
  • Sands Gold: 68 Sands Points
  • Sands Platinum: 388 Sands Points
  • Sands Diamond: 1,288 Sands Points
  • Paiza Gold: 3,888 Sands Points

These Sands Points must be collected within a year’s time.

What can I get in exchange for my Sands Rewards Club Dollars?
Sands Rewards Club Dollars can be redeemed for various benefits and services within Marina Bay Sands. These include free play at slot and table games, goods and services, dining at selected outlets, and discounts at participating retailers.

What are the advantages of joining the Sands Rewards Club?
Joining the Sands Rewards Club comes with several advantages, depending on the membership tier. These benefits include access to exclusive VIP areas, complimentary dining, special room rates, high-speed internet access, personalized 24-hour hotline, birthday month offers, discounts on show tickets and spa packages, and more.

What are the hotel benefits available for Sands Rewards Club members?
Sands Rewards Club members can enjoy hotel benefits such as exclusive access to the private Paiza check-in/out facility, special room rates (inclusive of complimentary breakfast), room rate discounts for friends and family, complimentary room upgrades (based on availability), VIP meet and greet service at the airport, complimentary airport transfers by luxury car, self-parking privileges, and more.

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