Playing online casino games is one of the most common activities that many people in Singapore engage in during their leisure time. Online casinos are pretty popular thanks to the many benefits they have over mainstream casinos in Singapore. Being able to play online casino games at any time and from any location is a huge perk of this kind of gambling.

However, what some people aren’t sure about is whether playing these games is legal or not. In this essay, we at SafeCasinos.Asia will explain Singapore’s online gambling rules to you. Make sure you read till the end.


All The Laws that Govern Gambling in Singapore

There are five significant laws that govern gambling activities in Singapore. These include:

  • Remote Gambling Act – Any type of gambling that takes place through the telephone, the Internet, or any other electronic or technical equipment that allows people to communicate is covered by this law.
  • The Common Gaming Houses Act – Common gambling establishments, public gaming and public lotteries are regulated and prohibited by this legislation.
  • The Betting Act – Governs gambling establishments, public betting, and bookmakers.
  • Private Lotteries Act – This includes lotteries held in private residences.
  • Casino Control Act – Singapore’s two licenced casinos are directly governed by this legislation.

In this article, we shall focus on the Remote Gambling Act since it is the law that regulates gambling via the internet. The term “remote gambling service” under this Act refers to a service that allows clients to engage in gambling through the internet, radio, television, and other remote technologies.


Is Internet Casino Games Against The Law?

According to this Act, gambling via the internet is legal as long as it is done at regulated online casinos. Those involved in gambling should also be above the age of 21. Anyone below the age of 21 is not allowed to participate in online gambling activities that include playing games at online casinos.

When it becomes a cause of crime or disorder, a connected crime, or a means of supporting criminal activity, internet gambling is also prohibited by law. So, if you do your online gambling peacefully without violating anyone’s rights, law enforcers will have no issues with you. Anyone who flouts this Act’s gambling rules will face a fine of $5,000 or six months in jail or both.


How to Stay Safe While Gambling Online

Despite online gambling is legal, users need to be careful regarding the casinos they choose to gamble from. Here are a few things you can do to keep yourself safe when gambling online.

#1. Play at Licensed Online Casinos

One of the first things you need to confirm before choosing which online casino to play at is whether they have an online casino license from a prominent online casino regulator. Some of the popular casino regulators you need to look out for include; PAGCOR, BMM, and iTech Labs. Online casinos based in Singapore need to be registered with the government authorities in charge of business registration and regulation.

Playing at a non-regulated online casino is legal and risky at the time. One of the core roles of online casino regulators is to ensure that all games and any other services provided by the online casino are fair to the players.

#2. Choose Online Casinos that have Stood The Test Of Time

Yes, there are plenty of new online casinos that are reliable. However, choosing a trusted online casino in Singapore that has been around for a couple of years is a safe bet. Try to do some background checks to determine how long an online casino has been in business and its reputation over the years. There is plenty of information about these online casinos on the internet; you need to take off some time and look for it.

#3. Utilize Online Reviews

One of the most reliable ways to determine the legitimacy and reliability of an online casino is by reading online reviews. Platforms like Google and Facebook allow users to share their thoughts about several businesses, including online casinos. Take time and read these online casino reviews to find out what previous say about the particular casino you want to trust your hard-earned cash.

#4. Start Small

Even if you verify that an online casino is trustworthy, it is best to start with smaller bets and later scale up after using its services for a couple of days. This will help you learn about the overall experience that the casino offers without having to take huge risks. It will also give you an idea of the reliability of their payment platforms.

Look at how long deposits and withdrawals take to complete to see how reliable their payment systems are. For the best experience, we recommend choosing an online casino that partners with payment platforms with a good reputation for processing payments faster.

#5. Customer Support Matters

You need to choose an online casino with reliable customer support because you will at some point need their help. While reading an online casino’s reviews, you need to look at what previous users say about their support team. We recommend choosing an online casino that offers 24/7 support and lets users contact them using various instant messaging platforms.


Final Thoughts

Playing at online casinos is legal in Singapore as long you do it without violating the regulations in the Remote Gambling Act. If you are above 21 and you play your games from a licensed online casino, you will be safe. You should also use the five tips we have just shared to help you stay safe while playing games at online casinos.

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